Lone Oak Difference



Your Key To A Beautiful Lawn


We apply fertilizer and weed control in two separate steps. Instead of using a big spray tank and giving every lawn the same pre-mix, your lawn gets a custom treatment depending on what it needs.

We use all granular fertilizers. This gives maximum safety and very low burn potential. Plus you can see that you got what you ordered.

All applications have 40 - 50% slow release fertilizer. This results in a more even color and better disease resistance while greatly reducing stress on the plants.

We write up the invoice after the application is done. This takes a little more time but by doing it this way we can note problems and write suggestions.

We do not have a meaningless guarantee. About 60% of our customers came from a company that has a "call us and we'll keep coming back" guarantee; but problems weren't taken care of. Our goal is to take care of problems so that call-backs aren't usually necessary.

Free advice and service calls. If you do have a question or problem the phone is answered by the owner of the company.

We do not tele-market. We contact prospects after doing the free price quote but we never torment customers with endless sales calls.

We recommend only what you need. We do not lie to you or try to scare you. We will not tell you "the grubs are marching down the street" or similar nonsense. We do not have 20 commissioned salesmen.

We charge one fair price for your size lawn. Our customers tell us they have been called and offered service for a price which is 30% more than ours. Then they are called back with a lower price each day as the telemarketer tries to get the highest price they can! We don't engage in this kind of foolishness.

We are full time local professionals. Owner/manager Bruce Langhoff has a degree in Agronomy from the University of Wisconsin and has over 25 years professional lawn care experience. We are licensed and insured.